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Pests in your home can be destructive, costly, annoying but most importantly, they can spread diseases and cause serious health risks. This is where Domestic and Residential pest control comes in!


Pestrap offer fast, effective pet and family safe solutions to help guard your home against pests and vermin 365 days a year.


Pestrap offer one off treatments or tailor made pest prevention programmes.


"We called Pestrap when we heard scratching in our loft. They arrived within 3 hours of calling them and they were very professional and reassuring. They identified we had rats nesting in our loft and explained in depth the best way to treat the problem and how to prevent this in the future."


Whether you have a small 1 bed flat or a wealthy sized mansion, we can design a pest control programme or offer a treatment plan that best suits you.


With Pestrap you will have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected against all uk pest species and at any time day or night we have technicians ready to respond to any issues or concerns that may arise at no extra cost.


We also offer a 5% discount on your treatment or programme as part of our recommend a friend reward programme.  All you have to do is call Pestrap today and we will do the rest!


 If you have a business or a commercial environment and need pest control, see our Commercial Pest Control Page.